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ICC Europe is one of five ICC regional offices across the world, the others responsible for the Americas; Africa; Asia; and East Asia Pacific.

The amount of cricket being played in Associate and Affiliate Member nations (AMs) has increased five-fold over the past 10 years, to the point where there are approximately 900,000 male and female participants currently involved in formal cricket programmes outside the Full Member nations. The ICC has set an ambitious strategic target of more than doubling this number to over 1.5 million participants by 2015.

The ICC European Development Programme started in 1997 and in Europe now involves 12 Associate and 20 Affiliate Member countries as well as other Prospective Member countries. The newest member is Romania who was confirmed as a new Affiliate member at the 2013 Annual Conference.

The Programme is delivered by the ICC Regional Development Manager and a team of staff, within the framework of the ICC Development Programme's Strategic Operations 2011-15. The regional programme in Europe is managed from its office in The Clock Tower, Lord's Cricket Ground, London.

Responsibility for hosting and supporting the ICC's five regional programmes falls to the Full Member in Europe's case the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), who offer significant support to the programme.

In the Europe region there are approximately 206,000 senior and junior participants involved in the game outside of England and Wales. These numbers are made up from Senior and Junior Playing and Other Involvement. There has also been considerable growth in the number of coaches and officials with approximately 4,800 active coaches and 1,800 umpires involved.

ICC Europe is responsible for delivering the regional areas of focus including improving mass participation growth, particularly within indigenous and women's markets; provide a focus on the next best ranked teams; assist in improving AM domestic promotional activities; regional pathways for men, women and other regional events as necessary; regional funding policies to be more targeted to high potential AMs; excellent staff and strong volunteer networks; specific female participation growth strategies and increased Member ownership of the need for more female involvement in cricket.

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