Denmark Launches Cricket Development Project

Fri, Sep 11, 2009 7:52 PM

The Dansk Cricket Forbund (DCF) has launched its latest Cricket Development initiative'which aims to create a communal hub in Danish Cricket where young people and parents from all ethnic backgrounds can participate to achieve a feeling of community and team spirit.

The project goals aim to provide aid for both young and mature people from all socio - economic areas'and ultimately help in providing social competences and skills'which can later be used in all walks of working and social life.

The DCF has appointed two full-time Development Managers to oversee the project'which will launch on 25 October'and two part-time Development Officers will support them.

DCF Chairman'Thomas Kentorp'spoke to the Cricket Europe website: "These are extremely exciting times for Danish cricket at all levels of the game'and we really are experiencing a "renaissance" with this project in particular. It is a golden opportunity for our clubs to pick themselves up and start the grass-root process of putting Danish Cricket back on the world cricket map."

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