ICC European Introductory Umpiring Course Malta

Thu, Nov 22, 2007 12:28 PM

From the 9th to 11th November Malta held its first Umpires Course funded by ICC Europe Annual Support Program funds.
The course was presented by Graham Cooper (ICC European Umpire Manager) with the maximum number of attendees allowed, for this course, 10. There was a considerable variation in the umpiring experience of the attendees.

All 10 attendees sat both parts of the examination at the end of the course.

The course content was well matched to the aims of the course - to provide basic competence at entry level umpiring. Knowledge of all the Laws required for day to day umpiring was covered. Some of the little used and therefore usually more complex laws were deliberately omitted. The place for the more detailed examination of those Laws is a more advanced course. Along with the Laws actual umpiring situations were covered. Quite a bit of time was allocated to man management skills and it was very pleasing to see this included. The examination format of multi choice questions and then one to one oral examination is I think a good one as it gives the examiner at least some opportunity to discover whether a candidate knows how to apply the Laws as well as knowing the theory of those Laws. The screen pictures used to illustrate points were relevant and of a high quality. The course manual was a well produced run alongside document.

The course was well presented in as unhurried a manner as was possible given the volume of material to be covered. All attendees were encouraged to, and did, contribute at various stages and this was admirable. Given the volume of material, input from the attendees had of necessity to be controlled and matters raised not directly related to the immediate issue were dealt with in one of three ways namely:

a) Deliberate deviation from the script and the point dealt with there and then.

b) The point put to one side with the comment that this would be dealt with later in the course (and it was).

c) The point put to one side with the comment that the particular point was outside of the remit of this course.

All sessions started on time which is a reflection of the professionalism of both the presenter and the attendees. All components of the course were dealt with without the need to curtail any section. The practical scoring session was not held due to the lack of time available.

The feedback I received from all the attendees was that they had enjoyed the course and felt that they would umpire better as a result of this course and with more confidence. The three more experienced umpires on this course all felt that they had benefited from this course, a sentiment I would agree with. In my opinion all attendees, whether or not they passed the examination, will have gained a great deal from this course.

I consider this an excellent course, which I would recommend to other countries wishing to raise basic umpiring standards and /or set some people on the route to umpiring at a high level.

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