Austria celebrates its new club house

Wed, Jul 11, 2007 3:37 PM

As many would recall, in 2003 the ICC European Affiliates Trophy (now European Division 3) was played in Austria.

Austria Cricket Stadium in Donaustadt, Vienna, was one of the two grounds which hosted many matches of the Tournament.

Following the tournament, the ICC European Cricket Development Program was very supportive and gave support to build a shelter at the stadium in the pre phase of this tournament in 2003.

So far the Austrian Cricket Board has invested € 280.000,00 in the ground with the help of the club and mainly with the support of our President, Mr. Siva Nadarajah and his family. Thanks to this the cricket ground was also officially opened by Vienna's Directr of Sport in the same year.

The ground itself is now 4 years old and has provided the opportunity for adults as well as the youth from Austria and from foreign countries to enjoy many exciting tournaments.

To achieve international standards, the local government recognised the continuous youth work programmes and after school education programmes in the schools taking place in Austria, especially in Vienna, by honouring the club with € 120,000.00 to build a club house at Donaustadt, Vienna.

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