Cricket gets a boost in Hungary

Wed, Sep 17, 2008 12:12 PM

Cricket was given a boost in Hungary yesterday as the Hungarian Cricket Association Budapest visited Muszaki es Gazdasagtudomanyi University (Budapest University of Technology and Economics), one of the best and largest universities in Hungary, to promote the sport to hundreds of students.

The event was originally planned at the university's sports stadium, but due to unseasonal weather, it had to be changed at the last moment to the university's indoor sports venue.

Throughout the day, three members of the Hungarian Cricket Association, Vice Chairman David Brown, Steve Anthony and Laszlo Kresz demonstrated techniques, showed equipment and performed a recruitment drive of students attending the BME university and others.

The day culminated with the Vice Chairman of the Hungarian Cricket Federation David Brown, meeting with Otto Torok the Hungarian undersecretary for sport. Torok, who was already aware of the growing interests within cricket in Hungary, was able to see the sport in action first hand, it is hoped that with his help the Hungarian Cricket Association might be able to to bring cricket to the Hungarian population in the future.

Speaking after the event David Brown said "Today has been a great success. As usual we have found many Hungarians who seemed to be naturally gifted cricketers. We have always found that they have good hand-eye-ball control and the alien bowling methods involved in the bowling action needed in cricket, they seemed to pick up very quickly."

He added "We feel that this has furthered the growing interests in cricket in Hungary and we are quite confident that we will be able to fill two full regular coaching classes, resulting directly from today's event.

"Hungary is a great sporting nation and sport in general is high on the list of all universities curriculums. With now over 120 young Hungarians playing the sport regularly, we are determined cricket will be part of this."

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