Batting on the Bosphorus

Mon, Jun 2, 2008 4:08 PM

Angus Bell, the young Scottish writer, has relaunched his best selling book Slogging the Slavs.

In the newly named "Batting on the Bosphorus", following a chance encounter with a psychic, Angus Bell sets off on an 8,000-mile Skoda powered road trip across Eastern Europe in search of a cricket match.

It's a gloriously batty adventure which brings Bell face-to-face with fingerless fielders in the Czech Republic, Serbian MI6 agents, and the realisation that England's most eccentric game is being played with passion in the strangest corners of the continent.

Angus self-published the story of his trip in December 2006 under the title of Slogging the Slavs. It had a print run of 2000 copies and a marketing budget of £6. Depsite his modest aims it quickly became the number one selling sports book on, the number one selling paranormal book, and the number one selling paranormal sports book. It was officially a Balkan bestseller, and has now sold over 4000 copies.

Angus Bell has 27-year old, whisky-swilling Scotsman, with a first class degree in English, Flying Saucers and Space Studies. He has visited 40 countries and has written for the South African Sunday Times, Inside Sports in Australia, the US Student Traveller, Cricinfo in India and The Wisden Cricketer in the UK.

He now plays cricket in Montreal, Canada, where he lives with his girlfriend Candy and pet rabbit Usagi. For more articles and photos from his travels and misadventures, visit

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