Third Zuoz Junior Cricket Tournament in Alps bigger than ever.

Tue, Jun 24, 2008 4:19 PM

On the weekend of June 14/15 the Third Swiss Zuoz Junior Cricket Tournament took place. Hosted by the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz and the Swiss Cricket Association more teams than ever took part this year.

Despite grey skies and cold temperatures the players were keen to get underway and at 9:30 on Saturday morning 4 matches promptly began in the stunning Alpine setting. With Under 11, Under 13 and Under 15 teams from Switzerland, Germany and Austria it was a tight schedule designed to give the players the maximum amount of playing time over the two days.

All the main matches are hard-ball cricket games, including the Under 11 ones. These 11-a-side, out-is-out matches were hotly contested and the standard among all the teams has risen dramatically over the past couple of years. To accommodate those not yet ready for hard-ball cricket several soft-ball games were organised with the help of Munich’s coaches. This provided a good alternative for accompanying younger brothers and sisters too as well as for those waiting for their next match and wanting to keep warm in the wintry temperatures.

The Lyceum Alpinum had prepared the pitches immaculately and taken wise precautions to ensure the safety of players and spectators. Thanks here to George Campbell and his team of assistants who over the past 3 years have done a huge amount to guarantee the success of this tournament. Unfortunately George Campbell is leaving Switzerland. We wish him well and look forward to continuing the fruitful work he has started with his successor.

As always the school also provided truly excellent food for the players. This important aspect for all the teams cannot be underestimated and the organisers would like to thank the generosity of the headmaster Beat Sommer and his wife Ursula for their support and help.

Under 11s
This year we had four Under 11 and four Under 13 teams from Munich, Vienna, Basel, Geneva and Zurich. In each age group all the teams play against each other, receiving points for a win, plus batting and bowling points.

In the Under 11 tournament the two teams with the most points, Munich Tigers and Zurich Crickets, were left to play against each other on the final day. Both teams had not lost a match. Although played in difficult conditions because the rain had begun, the players seemed undaunted and keen to play it out. Munich Tigers were set 92 to chase for victory after once again Zurich Crickets’ Alex, Tom, James, Simon and Michael had put on a dominating batting display. Munich’s openers James and Harry C, who had done so well the previous day, were confident that with Aftab and Shezad this was an attainable target. However, the accurate bowling of Anthony, Tom, Alex and Woody claimed 4 quick Munich wickets and although middle-order Harry B, Felix and Jess fought back valiantly Munich ran out of overs and were left stranded on 52.

Congratulations to the individual performances of Zurich’s James B who won the best bowler trophy and opener Alex F who reached the retiring score in every match and consequently took the batting trophy.

Under 13s
A four way league competition was played between U13 teams from Geneva, Munich, Vienna and Zurich. High standards of cricket were played in all matches, and it was good to see the improvements in skills and how the matches at this level are becoming closer and very competitive.

Individual awards – based on the scoresheet statistics - went to Armaan from Vienna for batting and Krishna from Munich for bowling. There were however many very good individual batting, bowling and fielding performances observed in all teams.

Cold and wet weather on the Sunday prevented the final league match from being played and resulted in no clear tournament winner. We look forward to seeing all teams in action against each other again, in indoor tournaments next winter, and back at Zuoz next summer.

Under 15s
With three teams playing for the trophy Saturday’s matches were 22-over matches while Sunday’s were reduced to 10-over matches so that everyone could be finished in the early afternoon. This allowed the teams to play each other twice over the course of the weekend.

Austria, confident after having won for the last 2 years, was clearly not going to relinquish their hold on the trophy easily. In fact the very young Swiss U15 team had a very good tournament and came extremely close to winning the trophy. They finished on 52 points, winning 3 of their 4 matches, including a thrilling last over victory against Austria in the 22-over format.

In their last match Austria played Zuoz and needed to secure 16 points to tie with Switzerland and 17 points to win outright. This meant they had to win plus score 80 runs and take 4 wickets to get the necessary bonus points for the victory. In their innings Austria managed 82 runs and in the 8th over of the Zuoz innings their 4th wicket fell. Austria went on to win the match and the tournament with a final tally of 53 points beating Switzerland by 1 point. It couldn't have been closer and this made for a great tournament of which the players should be proud.

There were many excellent personal performances over the weekend, including Switzerland’s Ali, who was named 'Best Bowler of the Tournament' for his new ball bowling and Austria’s Ciju for some very fine batting, but it was the team efforts, determination, team spirit and sportsmanship which were so important and helped everyone enjoy a tournament that was so hampered by rain during the final matches.

The whole tournament was played in good spirit under the motto of Fairplay. This spirit was evident both on and off the field of play. It was also on display at the main youth hostel where teams from all three countries were staying – on the Saturday evening after a full day’s cricket players mixed teams to enjoy some football with each other.

On a final note with a view to the future, there was discussion during the tournament about having more teams at the Under 11 and 13 levels participating next year. Interest has already been shown by France, Italy and Slovenia. These would be club sides which do not have to overcome huge travelling distances and so expenses can be kept to a minimum. The Lyceum Alpinum school has suggested that together with the Swiss Youth Development programme they would also be prepared to host a tournament spanning 3 days for these two age groups. Being able to stage such an event at a venue that boasts 4 excellent adjacent cricket pitches would no doubt greatly benefit junior cricket in the whole of this southerly European region. As one visiting coach said, “These events are so valuable for the development of the children. All our players and parents enjoyed it a lot, and none of the U11s seem to have gone down with pneumonia after Sunday! It's a privilege to play in Zuoz."

Under 11 results:
Zurich Crickets CC v Basel CC
Zurich Crickets won by 21 runs
Zurich Crickets 55/ 5; Basel CC 34/5

Munich Tigers v Vienna ACC
Munich Tigers won by 2 runs
Vienna ACC 64/4; Munich Tigers 66/5

Basel CC v Munich Tigers
Munich Tigers won by 14 runs
Munich Tigers 59/4; Basel CC 45/5

Zurich Crickets v Vienna ACC
Zurich Crickets CC won by 32 runs
Zurich Crickets CC 96/2; Vienna ACC 64/4

Basel CC v Vienna ACC
Vienna ACC won by 11 runs
Vienna ACC 69/3; Basel CC 58/3

Munich Tigers v Zurich Crickets CC
Zurich Crickets CC won by 39 runs
Zurich Crickets CC 91/2; Munich Tigers 52/8

1. Zurich Crickets CC 46
2. Munich Tigers 26
3. Vienna ACC 17
4. Basel CC 5

Under 13 results:
Vienna ACC v Zurich Crickets CC
Zurich Crickets CC won by 8 runs
Vienna ACC 90/7; Zurich Crickets CC 98/2

Munich Lions U-13 v Geneva GYRCC
Geneva GYRCC won by 25 runs
Munich Lions 49/6; 74/5

Zurich Crickets CC v Munich Lions
Zurich Crickets CC won by 38 runs
Zurich Crickets CC 81/4; Munich Lions 43/4

Geneva GRYCC v Vienna ACC
Vienna won by 91 runs
Vienna ACC 111/7; Geneva GRYCC 20/9

Vienna ACC v Munich Lions
Vienna ACC won by 47 runs
Vienna ACC 110/1; Munich Lions 63/4

Zurich Crickets CC v Geneva GYRCC
Match abandoned due to rain. No result

Vienna ACC (after 3 matches) 41
Zurich Crickets CC (after 2 matches) 32
Geneva GRYCC (after 2 matches) 18
Munich Lions (after 3 matches) 5

Under 15 results:
Vienna ACC v Zuoz
Vienna ACC won by 62 runs
Vienna ACC 154/2; Zuoz 92/6

Zuoz v Swiss
Swiss won by 6 wickets
Zuoz 61/10; Swiss 62/4

Swiss v Vienna ACC Swiss won by 2 wickets
Vienna ACC 102/6; Swiss 105/4

Swiss v Zuoz
Swiss won by 19 runs
Swiss 80/4; Zuoz 61/5

Vienna ACC v Swiss
Vienna ACC won by 8 runs
Vienna ACC 59/3; Swiss 51/3

Zuoz v Vienna ACC
Vienna won by 40 runs
Vienna ACC 82/3; Zuoz 42/4

1. Vienna ACC 53
2. Swiss 52
3. Zuoz 9

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