New Integration Development Project launched in Denmark

Wed, Nov 4, 2009 5:53 PM

In October, the Danish Cricket Association (DCF) officially launched its new Integration Development Project. The meeting was attended by representatives from all fourteen clubs involved, and was held at the new Kolding Sports Centre in Jutland.

The meeting was led by the newly appointed Development Team consisting of Kathrine Brock (West/Women’s Cricket CDM), Mikkel Grøn (East/Integration CDM), Mobin Arif (East/DIF CDO) and Simon Talbot (Denmark/Integration CDM).

The project itself is funded by the Danish Integration Ministry, and is a three year project with a number of specific target goals which must be achieved prior to receive further government funding. The first of these are to be carried out in phase I of the project and include:

* School/ Youth Centre visits around the country
* Qualified Coaches (leaders) in each participation club
* Beginner training camps in all regions
* Cricket festivals in all regions

The Project team are anticipating that Phase I of the project will be completed within a year and a half time scale. Phase II of the project will focus on many of the areas outlined above, but with the inclusion of structured teacher/youth leader education programmes and a final recruitment figure. The team itself is now well into the preparation phase of the project with each member of the team using their specialist knowledge towards the goal of "kick starting" cricket development in the clubs.

After a hearty lunch the delegates participated in a series of activities based upon the newly structured schools programme. Simon Talbot and Mikkel Grøn delivered a series of "Inspiration" activities that will be used on the project and volunteers participated (wrong handed!) to get a feel for the new programme. The team then outlined some of the ideas for the next seminar in March 2010, and updated the clubs on future events and activities.

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