Dutch Coach Development Courses Hailed a Success

Wed, Dec 22, 2010 12:13 PM

As the Christmas period comes closer 14 coaches will go into 2011 fully equipped with new ideas / skills and drills as a result of the KNCB's recent efforts to help coaches upgrade their skills. The final two sessions based on Working with Teams followed by Wicket-keeping and Fielding were well received by the coaches and their feedback will prove helpful for future sessions.

Glenn Lottering who coaches at Hilversum commented: "Firstly, let me say that I tremendously enjoyed the courses. The courses were of value to my coaching capabilities, even having played and coached before, I still got excellent value out of the courses. As I have an expectation to move my own skills forward to more detailed skill levels, this to me was a good refresher. I realise for some of us the course served as a good refresher, whilst for others the course material was completely new. Irrespective from where you come, the value is unquestionable."

Whilst looking to the future he challenged the KNCB and Roland Lefebvre who is the lead officer in Coach Education by saying 'We now need to communicate where resources can be found in terms of furthering coaching. Maybe a coaches corner under the KNCB where after completing these courses, various resources can be found, and even suggested for placement by yourselves, by the coaches attending"

Fellow Coach Thomas Milde enjoyed the workshops and added "they provided good instructions and the instructors had a lot of knowledge whilst there was a lot of participation (not just a lecture) and a lot of different activities during a workshop" Finally Thomas was delighted by the open offer from the KNCB that will now allow him to attend a national team practice once to see how that's conducted and that will also be able to help coaching his youth teams.

The Final Workshop on Wicketkeeping and Fielding was fortunate to have National Coach Peter Drinnen present as well as former Surrey CCC and England Wicketkeeper Jack Richards and Tim de Leede ex national team as well as Women's National Team player Esther de Lange (all of whom attended all of the Coach Development Workshops) and tutor Richard Cox was full of praise for the group as a whole.

Cox said "I have really enjoyed Tutoring the 6 evenings most of all because we have been able to draw on such a wide variety if experiences from the club and international game (male and female) and share our experiences of the game across the world. We have now set the tone for Coach Education in this country and this is a landmark to move us forward". Roland Lefebvre will now take up the Level 1 and 2 courses after Christmas and anyone interested in Coach Education should contact Roland at the KNCB Office.

Cox commented "The next stage for us to put on Updates Refreshers and form Coaches Assocaiation in the Netherlands and this I plan to work on with Roland in the coming months in readiness for the 2011 season."

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