Exciting introduction to cricket in Serbia

Fri, Nov 5, 2010 3:01 PM

Ian Wilmott sends his introduction to cricket report from his recent trip to Serbia.

After a few previous flirtations with starting cricket in Serbia, it eventually found its place on the sporting calendar with the creation of 2 clubs in 2007. Since then the Serbian Cricket Federation have created another club and have been working hard to promote cricket within the Country.

I conducted an introduction into cricket course in Belgrade between October 29 - 31 and if a country was viewed solely by enthusiasm, dedication and flexibility under pressure then Serbia would be world beaters!

It’s this enthusiasm that I really found intoxicating as the 12 candidates, who were all indigenous to Serbia, all threw themselves into every drill, every game played and in learning the process of coaching.

Serbia, led by their chairman Haris Dajc and Secretary Vladimir Ninkoviæ have some talented cricketers with a desire to learn the game and better their personal skills so the future is looking bright for them. They realise the importance of decent facilities and a ground they can play on, as at present they roll out a Flicx pitch on common ground that is not conducive to advanced cricket being played.

The matter is currently being addressed and it will only be a question of time before they achieve their goal; as the federation has strong leadership and a strong common bond that has seen them come through adversity in the past.

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