Fun filled sporting chance for “Special” youngsters

Mon, Nov 1, 2010 3:08 PM

On Friday October 15, 2010, the Cyprus Cricket National Team Head Coach Terry Holt and the National Team Manager Phil Bell visited the New Hope Special Needs School in Nicosia to demonstrate the game of cricket to the staff and pupils of the school.

Surprisingly, one of the pupils (William) knew of cricket and the basics of it, however, he was the only one in the school that could claim that.

Terry, after organising the pupils in the play ground, started with a session of warm ups. The pupils commenced with picking up tennis balls and running and replacing them on cones, then stopping a rolling ball and finally some catching skills along with some throwing actions.

A rain break took the participants indoor and allowed the opportunity to learn how to hold a bat and play basic strokes.

Now, it was time to learn how to bowl over arm at the stumps, not an easy skill to teach but ultimately successful.

So, after learning the basics of fielding, batting, and bowling, it was time to have fun and show off the learned skills through a game of continuous cricket.

The continuous cricket game got everyone excited and the school staff was seen rushing inside the building to get the camera to capture the million dollar smile on the faces of the pupils. In the end, it was the Manager’s Team beating the Coach’s Team by 1 wicket, much to the delight of all the pupils!

It was a successful mornings work for Cyprus Cricket, as all the participating pupils enjoyed the display and one surprised PE teacher converted to cricket and was heard asking 'Can we have a Kwik Cricket set please?'

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