Change to ICC European Division 2 Match Schedule

Mon, Jun 20, 2011 2:12 PM

An urgently convened meeting of the ICC European Division 2 Championship Event Technical Committee (ETC) has met to discuss damage to the outfield at Ostend. The ETC has decided that the pitch and ground is unsuitable for any match to be played on it on Monday 20th June 2011. The Belgium Cricket Federation are actively carrying out work to ensure that the Ostend venue is suitable for play on Wednesday when it next hosts matches.

It has therefore been decreed that the match between Isle of Man v Luxembourg which was scheduled to be played at Ostend, with a start time of 1030 has now been rescheduled to be played at Ghent starting at 1530.

This change of venue and time has had a knock on effect to the Match Schedule later in the week.

On Tue 21st June the match involving Luxembourg v Cyprus scheduled for Royal Brussels at 1530 will now be played on Wed 22nd June at Royal Brussels starting at 1530.

On Wed 22nd June the match involving Finland v Isle of Man scheduled for Royal Brussels at 1530 will now be played on Tue 21st June at Royal Brussels starting at 1530.

The ICC European Division 2 Championship is a pathway event to the ICC World Twenty20 2012, with the winner and runner-up of this tournament taking their place in the ICC European Division 1 Championship co-hosted by Jersey and Guernsey in July.

The tournament is taking place between the 20-25 June, 2011 at four venues across Belgium; Royal Brussels, Ghent, Mechelen and Ostend.


Group A

20 June; Cyprus v Finland, Ghent (1030); Isle of Man v Luxembourg, Ghent (1530);
21 June; Portugal v Luxembourg, Royal Brussels (1030); Cyprus v Isle of Man, Ghent (1030); Finland v Isle of Man, Royal Brussels (1530)
22 June; Finland v Portugal, Royal Brussels (1030); Luxembourg v Cyprus, Royal Brussels (1530)
23 June; Portugal v Isle of Man, Mechelen (1030); Luxembourg v Finland, Ghent (1030); Portugal v Cyprus, Mechelen (1530)

Group B

20 June; Malta v Hellas, Mechelen (1030); Spain v Sweden, Royal Brussels (1030); Belgium v Austria, Mechelen (1530); Sweden v Hellas, Royal Brussels (1530)
21 June; Malta v Spain, Mechelen (1030); Belgium v Sweden, Ghent (1530); Spain v Austria, Mechelen (1530)
22 June; Malta v Austria, Ghent (1030); Hellas v Belgium, Ostend (1030) Sweden v Malta, Ghent (1530); Hellas v Spain, Ostend (1530)
23 June; Belgium v Spain, Royal Brussels (1030); Austria v Sweden, Ostend (1030); Belgium v Malta, Royal Brussels (1530); Austria v Hellas, Ostend (1530)

Cross over semis, play offs & Final

24 June; A1st v B2nd, Ground TBC (1030); A2nd v B1st, Ground TBC (1030); A5th v B6th, Ground TBC (1030); A3rd v B4th, Ground TBC (1530); A4th v B3rd, Ground TBC (1530)

25 June; 3rd/4th play-off, Royal Brussels (1030); 5th/6th play-off, Ground TBC (1030); B5th v B6th, Ground TBC (1030); Final 1st/2nd, Royal Brussels (1430); 7th/8th play-off, Ground TBC (1430); B5th v A5th, Ground TBC (1430)

For further information on the tournament please visit the ICC European Division 2 Championship website

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