Multi-media Coach development resource Howzat! launched and ready for download

Wed, Nov 2, 2011 8:59 PM

Multi-media Coach development resource Howzat! launched and ready for download
Howzat! insight resource
ECB Community Coach Education in conjunction with Tacklesport Ltd and ICC Europe recently launched the interactive, multi-media Coach Development resource, Howzat!

Howzat! has been designed to help coaches expand and develop their understanding of coaching, as well as resource them with new ideas. Howzat! also covers many aspects of player and coach development. Through using Howzat! Coaches are able to access thousands of video clips, text, animations and commentaries, each of which is contextualised by a player's stage of development.

Over the past year ICC Europe have been translating sections of the Howzat! resource to support European Coaches and develop their understanding of the Player Development Model (PDM). By understanding the PDM coaches can start to develop sessions and programmes that meet the "needs" of the player. The translated languages include: French, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, European Portugese, Italian, Finnish, and German.

ICC Regional Development Officer Chris Porter who has been overseeing the translation process explains all, "ICC Europe have been working with the ECB Community Coach Education team to develop the European version which will become the main support resource for all Coach Education in Europe. The Howzat! resource will support European Coaches to develop their understanding of Player Development and Coach?s understanding of the different environments that players are involved in," said Porter.

This resource will provide much extra support to coaches, "We are very much on a journey of Player and Coach Development and the Howzat! resource will help us all to develop our understanding of the players and the skills that are required at different stage of their development. The translation process has involved a number of people and I would to thank everyone that has helped to develop the European version of Howzat!," said Porter.

The European 'Howzat! Insight' can be downloaded through the ICC Europe Website on Coaches Resources under Resources by clicking here.

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