DCF Integration Project: Regional Funding Support Case Study Report 2011

Wed, Nov 16, 2011 8:22 PM

DCF Integration Project: Regional Funding Support Case Study Report 2011
DCF Integration project
Regional Funding Support is assisting many countries across Europe with projects and new ways of developing the game.

The Danish Cricket Association (DCF) have been one of those countries who have used the Regional Funding Support to help increase participation through the Integration project.

The three year integration project is supported by The Ministry of Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs. The aim of the project was to bring young people of different ethnic background together through the game of cricket and introduce them to the Danish sport culture by involving them in Danish Cricket clubs. The project builds upon a strong co-operation between DCF Integration officers, Danish Cricket clubs and local schools. Funding from ICC Europe has enabled the DCF to expand the scope of the project and invite more cricket clubs to participate.

The project consisted of three main areas; school visits, activities for new players and club development. The school visits? goal was to raise awareness of the sport among children in Denmark, especially in the schools situated nearby existing cricket clubs. Activities for new players as part of the project is another important area, DCF has launched a number of activities aimed at new players. Cricket festivals for beginners are held regularly all over the country with focus on participation rather than winning. A number of cricket camps have also been introduced, with high quality cricket coaching for new cricketers. Club development was the final area, in order for the clubs to be ready to receive new players with different ethnic backgrounds, DCF offers club development projects to the participating clubs. The offer consists of education of coaching staff, seminars where the clubs share best practice and club development meetings with leaders, coaches, parents and volunteers.

The project ran from January to September 2011 in which there were more than 350 school visits delivered, 5000 + junior involvement and a school event in Viborg accepted into the Children's book of records with 864 pupils playing cricket simultaneous. Also, new school material has been developed in the form of the web portal. The material allows teachers with limited knowledge of the game of cricket to introduce the game at their school and use the game across a wide array of subjects.

A major factor in the success of the integration project has been getting the local cricket clubs involved and committed to the project. The local cricket clubs contacted the local schools that were deem to be the best suited for the project. This allowed the clubs to build a School Club Partnerships which created a clear player pathway from a school to club environment.

ICC Regional Development Officer, Chris Porter is delighted by the efforts of the DCF, Clubs and Schools involved and feels it is a great example of the fantastic work that is being done across Europe. ?In 2010 the DCF completed their Regional Funding Support application for 2011. The project outlined was challenging and also showed great possibilities to increase participation. It is great to see long term plans producing these levels of results. The DCF have invested in people, education and resources to delivery a high quality programme.?

In 2012 DCFs goal is to help build even closer relationships between the local cricket clubs and their local schools. A new setup for school visits will be introduced, where the visits will prepare the schools to participate in local cricket festivals hosted by the local cricket clubs.

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