Jersey's Regional Funding support contributes to women's cricket

Wed, Dec 7, 2011 6:37 PM

Jersey's Regional Funding support contributes to women's cricket
Dunning Coaching
Regional Funding support in Jersey has contributed to the employment of a female development coach, Gemma Dunning, which in-turn has increased participation figures in the girl's and women's game.

Participation figures of girl's and women's cricket was one area that needed a boost about the beginning of the year, with funding available there were key areas of the girl's and women's programme that were targeted for improvement.

The main aims which the Jersey Cricket Board set out was that it wanted to further encourage girls and women to participate in cricket while at the same time continue to provide the 'Coaching in Schools' programme, therefore bringing in Dunning.

Targeting school programmes was one of the main reasons for such considerable increase in participation numbers. Twenty mixed primary schools enjoyed 2 or 3 four week blocks of coaching for years 3 and 4 involving around 1200 children in spring 2011, followed up with a similar exercise in summer 2011 involving 900 juniors in years 5 and 6.

In addition to this two girl primary schools have been involved in the programme and one has an established popular after school club. The schemes involved over 80 young girls learning and playing cricket. The Girls Primary Kwik Cricket Tournament was more successful and popular than in previous years due to the increased profile and activity in girls' cricket.

On top of this there were also indoor and outdoor tournaments for years 7 and 8 and years 9 and 10, which proved extremely popular with over 150 girls enjoying some competitive cricket. Girls only cricket courses and camps attracted 65 young players and culminated in a Mums v Daughters match at the end of a three day summer camp.

Regular coaching sessions involving both women?s clubs have been held together with a series of T20 matches which eventually produced a Jersey Select XI which travelled to France to play two T20 matches against a French XI both of which Jersey managed to win. This proved to be an excellent conclusion to the whole season.

In line with the Key Performance Indicators the actual figures included nearly 1200 boys participating in the sport and over 800 girls being introduced to and participating in cricket. More than 40 girls, 16 and over have been identified as potential club members and the JCB hope that a third club will be established.

The key factors for success as well as RFS and JCB funding, is bringing in Gemma Dunning whose interest and enthusiasm generated within the whole programme has built a good base from which to develop the girl's and women's game. As well as the girl's and women's cricket programme attracting a sponsor; a business plan has been written for a 3 year programme of continued development.

Chris Minty, Jersey Cricket Board CEO is delighted of the effect hiring Dunning has had: "Employing Gemma as a Cricket Development Coach in Jersey has made a big difference. The girls and women have felt very comfortable with Gemma leading their sessions. Gemma is currently coaching and playing in Melbourne and we look forward to her rejoining us in 2012 to carry on the good work," stated Minty.

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