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Fri, Jan 20, 2012 10:34 PM

At the back end of last year the ICC Europe Officials Selection Committee (EOSC) met to discuss the make-up of the ICC European 2012 Officials' Panels, which involves Referees', Umpire Managers, Umpires and Probationary panels.

First of all the Referees' Panel where two of last year's Panel members had voluntarily retired. The EOSC are most appreciative of the hard work that both Richard Cox and Richard O'Sullivan have put in over the past 8 years and wish them, both, every success in their future endeavours. The other members retained their places on the Panel and this leaves ICC Europe with 5 Referees for 2012. Whilst this may seem a small number, the EOSC were mindful of the reduction in the number of Tournaments Europe are running this year, and felt that these five would be more than sufficient to cover these events.
It was also decided that, due to the small amount of referees, the Panel should, from henceforth, be known as the Referee Panel (thus dropping the Elite title).

Next on the agenda was the Umpire Manager Panel - where seven Managers were discussed. Again, the number of events was carefully scrutinised, and it was felt that there was a need to reduce the Panel. Asking anyone to stand down from any Panel is always a difficult task, but the EOSC has asked Doug Ferguson to stand down. Doug has been involved with many European events since Jersey joined the ICC and we are extremely appreciative of all the work Doug has put in. We hope that Doug will still be involved with organising events in Jersey and we wish him all the very best for the future.

Next in line was the Elite Umpire Panel - from which Trevor Magee has retired (he is now a Referee) and Lee Goldsmith was asked to stand down. This latter decision was not taken lightly, but, due to work commitments, Lee has not been able to devote as much time to umpiring, as he would like, over the past 2 years and it was felt that the EOSC could no longer give him special dispensation. The EOSC sincerely hope that Lee will be able to re-establish himself in the umpiring world and, in the meantime, the EOSC send both him, and his family, their best wishes for the future.

The Umpire Panel was the largest area to be discussed and the outcome was that the EOSC have asked three umpires to stand down, in order that their places could be given to some up-and-coming umpires.
As you can imagine, this was not an easy decision to come to, but the EOSC felt that it is important to maintain the flow of new umpires onto the Panel - thus giving as many umpires, as is feasibly possible, the chance to gain some experience outside their local - comfort zone".

The EOSC would like to place on record their thanks to Richard Eames, Bent Nielsen, and Naor Gudker for all their efforts at our events over the past years. The EOSC fully appreciate that this decision will be a big disappointment to these three umpires, but they hope that each one will understand the reasoning behind the decision.

There were also two umpires who reached the retirement age during the last year and they have now been released. Again, whilst they are disappointed at this, the EOSC hope that they will understand the need to maintain this flow of new umpires onto the Panel. It goes without saying that the EOSC offer thanks to John Mountford and Ron Graham for their support of European events and hope that they will use their experience to enthuse local umpires to follow in their footsteps.
The EOSC then discussed the 2011 Probationary Umpires' Panel to decide who should be promoted onto the Umpire Panel. Following a long discussion they decided to promote 6 out of the 10 contenders. That is not to say that the remaining 4 were not up to the standard required - their assessments were very good and, under different circumstances, they may well have been selected. However, it is the policy of ICC Europe not to simply place umpires on a Panel when there is little chance of actually being able to offer them a tournament. It was felt that with 7 spaces being vacated and the number of umpires required for 2012, that 6 was a reasonable number to promote.

We therefore welcome to the Panel - Roland Black and Michael Ross (both Ireland): Jesper Jensen (Denmark): David Murphy (Scotland): Hannan Sogavson and Raymond Waskar (both Israel).

The last area the EOSC discussed was the make-up of the 2012 Probationary Panel. There were 20 nominations to discuss and the final decision was to accept 8 of them. As per ICC Europe policy, the following will be assessed during the 2012 season: Alex Mackay (Switzerland): Jareth McCready and David Bradley (both Ireland): Simon Welch (Guernsey): Syed Munawar Ahmed and Saifar Bashir (both Norway): Phil Bell (Cyprus): David Quayle (Isle of Man).

Graham Cooper, a EOSC Member says; "This is both an exciting, as well as sad, time of the year, when we have to make changes to our Panels. Exciting, because we are able to give chances to the new breed of umpires, but sad, because we have to say farewell to some old friends. However, it is imperative that we do have this flow of umpires, in order to give the new umpires a goal to aim at. I hope that those who have not been retained understand our philosophy and will continue to help and encourage their local umpires to reach the levels that ICC Europe now requires."

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