Estonia cricket explains the development of women's and junior cricket

Wed, Jul 11, 2012 12:43 PM

Estonia cricket explains the development of women's and junior cricket
The Estonian Cricket Association fresh off the back of hosting the ICC European Division 3 gives ICC Europe an insight to the progression of their Regional funding support projects.

The ECA has a defined structure to develop players from absolute beginners to Elite players as part of the fundamentals development programme. Players can join the pathway at any level, based on their experience, skills and age. It uses a pathway system that consists of the following, Introduction to Cricket (Kwik Sets) - Continuing with Cricket (Intro to Hard Ball) - Competitive Cricket (Hard Ball, Domestic League, Social Touring) - Elite Cricket (National Teams).

Session Plans have been perfected that are given to all coaches in the Introduction to Cricket phase to make sure that the new players learn the game and skills as quickly as possible, whilst also having a fun, enjoyable and active experience. All coaches are provided with these plans to make sure we are giving cricket the best advertisement possible and that all players will be prepared to play in a tournament.

The schools programme which started at the end of April and finished with the end of School year on June 5th has been a great success. Over 400 juniors from 4 schools were able to play pairs cricket by the end of their sessions, there was a total of three tournaments which saw over 300 juniors playing in competitive competition.

The success of this program has seen one of Tallinn’s schools, The English College, put Cricket into their permanent Curriculum starting in 2013. All of the other schools which participated now have PE teachers running cricket classes on their own, with the support of local clubs and the Association.

Women’s cricket has had a massive increase of interest, due to the success of our Schools Program and also because we have seen that there is no other team sport that Women can represent Estonia in, and we are marketing it accordingly so. The Women’s Cricket initiative will culminate in a Tournament in Holland this July. We have also setup a program with Finland where we will play each other a minimum of 4 times each year.

Finally, the bulk of the In-School coaching is done by indigenous Estonians with PE teachers taking a lead role. Testament to the success of the program so far is the fact that Estonian player Marko Vaik is now coaching the Estonian National Ladies team.

What with the successful hosting of the ICC European Division 3, Estonia has a great few projects in hand to help develop the game.

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