New ground will change Finnish cricket

Mon, Aug 6, 2012 10:16 AM

New ground will change Finnish cricket
Cricket Finland achieved some great media coverage this month as part of their national team coaching weekend and the national team challenge t20 preparation match.

As the Finnish national team are firmly into their outdoor season, they took part in some technical workouts for both batsman and bowlers and some fielding drills on day one followed by a match with the leading domestic Twenty20 team. Finland have already participated in a Baltic appointment in Estonia this summer as they look to develop their Twenty20 team ahead of some key summer fixtures.

ICC Europe had arranged that Alan Duncan of the MCC Cricket Academy would fly to Finland to assist in the training part of the programme, however Duncan unfortunately fell ill and was unable to travel, so Cricket Finland brought in home grown coaching resources to be used in the training part of the programme.

The match itself at the Kerava National- Finland’s home of cricket- was a great venue to face Vantaa CC in the T20 preparation match for the ICC European Division 2 Championship which is taking place at the beginning of September in Corfu, for a chance of promotion to Division 1 as the pathway to the ICC World Twenty20 2014 continues.

Cricket Finland have received grant funding from the ICC through a facility fund, this will change Finnish cricket as the Kerava National will now be a base for cricket to develop. Finland’s Chairman and Affiliate representative

The coverage received for the event was fantastic with many interested Finnish readers that had never seen cricket before, as well as member of the Kereva City Sports Council attending. Bringing cricket into the local community is a fantastic way to promote the sport in a non-traditional background and Cricket Finland has done a great job using the resources they have to hand to strengthen cricket links.

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