KNCB introduces 'Cage Cricket'

Mon, Oct 8, 2012 1:32 PM

The Royal Dutch Cricket Association (KNCB), in cooperation with Sport Service Nijmegen, will introduce 'Cage Cricket' in The Netherlands this week.

On October 11, 90 pupils of Primary School 'De Octaaf' in Nijmegen will take part in the launch of Cage Cricket in a indoor hall in their hometown. For Dutch cricket this is a completely new and innovative way of introducing children to a different kind of cricket; which can be played indoors and outdoors.

Cage Cricket designer and CEO Lawrence Prittipaul and co-director/designer Stuart Robertson from the UK will be present. Prittipaul is very excited by the collaboration,"we are delighted to be working with the KNCB to bring Cage Cricket to the Netherlands. It has been developed to make cricket more accessible when the lack of time, space and money make it difficult or impossible to play the traditional form of the game. There is an obvious appetite for cricket in the Netherlands but undoubted challenges in terms of facilities, and we are convinced that Cage Cricket can help the KNCB attract more people to the game in a socially beneficial way," said Prittipaul.

Robertson who also was the person behind the idea of Twenty20 cricket is excited by the prospect of cage cricket. "Cage Cricket is one of the most exciting developments in the sporting arena and one that I believe will have as big an impact on the future of cricket as Twenty20 Cricket has, and that excites me and Cage Cricket's lead Ambassadors such as Sir Ian Botham and Shane Warne, enormously," says Robertson.

They will be accompanied by the two KNCB regional development officers, Hannah Hofman and Subir Shrestha. The English duo will present Cage Cricket to the Dutch schoolchildren and teachers, plus other parties like sponsors and a representative from the town council of Utrecht. The brainchild of former Hampshire player Prittipaul, it is played in a 'cage' with separate coloured zones for scoring, positioning and refereeing, each game takes 30 overs to complete with just six players.

KNCB Chief Executive, Richard Cox is thrilled by the introduction of a new aspect of the sport; "We are thankful to Stuart and Lawrence for their support to promote Cage Cricket in the Netherlands. Cage Cricket is a fantastic concept to expand the platform of opportunities to grow cricket in inner cities. This is one of our essential tools to support the current KNCB Youth Plan and is a first for Cricket in Europe breaking new ground," says Cox.

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