First Lady President in Royal High Corstorphine history

Wed, Nov 28, 2012 3:33 PM

First Lady President in Royal High Corstorphine history
Royal High Corstorphine created history last Friday by appointing Kat Heathcote as their first Lady President in its 55 years.

Its quite an achievement for any lady to become President in charge of a club that is playing in the top divisions of Scottish Cricket, so RHC are delighted that she has agreed to take this high profile position with them.

Kat is a great supporter of cricket and has always had a passion for the sport. Having completed her Scoring and Umpiring level 1 last year, she joined RHC as the club scorer and has been an avid supporter of everything RHC related since.

Kat commented "This is incredibly exciting and a great honour for me. Getting the club visible and making it a byword for community in cricket is my main focus. Hopefully I'm in a good position to learn some of the better lessons from other clubs in Scotland on what does and doesn't work, trying not just to raise the profile but also trying to attract funds and sponsors. I am particularly excited about the prospect of helping to enhance the work we already do with women?s and youth cricket. RHC is at a critical juncture in its existence and I am very excited by the potential that this club has to become the best small cricket club inScotland."

Kat is currently on the Board of Cricket Scotland trying to improve the communications, marketing and media activity. Her post has provided her with exposure to many of cricket's governing bodies and groups, particularly to discover a coincidental link to the current president of the ICC! Her main focus is to try to ensure that Scottish Cricket maintains a high profile and presence in the hearts and minds of all who manage and love the game.

The club has appointed Kat because of her sheer enthusiasm for the game and her desire to promote all forms of cricket. There is a big belief at RHC that the club will particularly benefit from the development of the women's game in Scotland and was, and remains to be, a big supporter of the ladies indoor cricket team that Kat set up. The team currently based at MES that meets every Tuesday evening has now become a mixed evening that includes a number of 'novice' males.

Kevin West, Club Secretary, commented that "This is another great achievement for the club. We've punched well above our weight over the last 10 years or so. We truly believe that cricket is a game that everyone and anyone can play and that Kat's appointment goes to prove yet again that we are a forward thinking club, that has big ambitions to not only promote and improve itself but Scottish Cricket as a whole."

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