Cricketing together, makes us all stronger in Estonia

Fri, May 10, 2013 8:06 AM

Cricketing together, makes us all stronger in Estonia
The motivation, drive, and unity that is garnered through ICC sponsored national team tournaments is undeniable. Estonia has been working with the Netherlands, Finland and Norway to achieve that same commitment and passion, across all areas of cricket.

The Estonian Cricket Association was fortunate enough, through the ICC Europe Coach Development Program, to send a representative to the KNCB Coaches Conference in April. It was an effective way to get up to speed on what was happening in one of the leading European Cricketing nations and to bring that information back to our keen and interested local coaching team. Based on materials from the Dutch Conference, with a local Estonian spin, the first ever Estonian Coaches Conference was held on the 5th of May. With the help and open-ness from the KNCB and ICC Europe, the first Estonian Coaches Conference was a resounding success.

The FinEst Cup (Finland / Estonia) was started in 2012, as an International Trophy for the Womens teams to play for in Indoor and Outdoor matches. After winning the last indoor match for the season in April, Estonia holds an overall 4-1 lead, however the expectation that the Finns will hit back hard is ever present and is certainly motivating the ladies to continue training hard. The FinEst Cup has been such a success, that it will now be rolled out in the form of a Schools Championship, which will be held for the first time on the 18th of May, at Kerava, Finland.

Norway also used Estonia as a training ground for it’s U/19 team last year, where it was an all round positive experience from players to coaches. One Estonian men’s club side will also be represented in the Finnish T20 League, hoping to retain the title they won last year.

Cricketing Together, may not be grammatically correct (and also a very cringeworthy term!), but it certainly has made a difference to the standards of cricket being played in Estonia, aswell as the way it is administered. From National teams all the way down to grass-roots cricket. From coaching philosophy and delivery, to scoring and umpiring techniques.

Cricketing together makes us all stronger.

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