Q&A with Italy's Crowley and Denmark's Pedersen

Fri, Nov 15, 2013 3:09 PM

Q&A with Italy's Crowley and Denmark's Pedersen
The ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier takes place in the UAE over the next 2 weeks; we spoke to Italy captain Damian Crowley and Denmark captain Michael Pedersen, to find out a little bit more about them and what makes them tick.

What’s your favourite thing about playing cricket?
Damian Crowley (DC)- I don’t know where to start... the friendships you make, the memories and the disappointments, the adrenaline rush; cricket just is one of the greatest sports. With travelling and playing at different grounds against unknown opponents creates endless challenges and experiences.
Michael Pedersen (MP)- I enjoy cricket because of all the different aspects of the game. It's technical, tactical, physical and mental all in one. Also the fact that it in my opinion, it is much more of a team game than many other sports. As a bowler you depend on the fielders and as a batter you depend on your team mates. So the whole team work side of things fascinates me.

Do you have any song you listen to that gets you in the right frame of mind for a match?
DC- I prefer not to listen to music before I play, I usually sit and prepare myself mentally by thinking about the game plans and talking to teammates.
MP- I love listening to Oasis, Snow Patrol and Kings of Leon. There are a few different songs from them that get me going.

What will be the highlights that you look forward to at events like the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier?
DC- There is a lot more to play for now that there is an opportunity for six teams to qualify to the ICC World Twenty20 next year. We thoroughly enjoy the facilities in the UAE and the competition as a whole so we look forward to another great tournament.
MP- The ICC WT20 Qualifier is the highest standard we have ever played at with the Danish side, so I look very much forward to the competitiveness. We are talking around 10-12 full time professional teams participating, so for us to get a chance to play them is a great experience. With this comes the professional setup and the high quality of the facilities and grounds.

Who is your favourite cricketer?
DC- AB De Villiers. His ability to change the game and his talent is something to be envied by every cricketer.
MP- I have always admired Brian Lara for what he was able to do almost singlehandedly. He did play in a good team as many of the other great players, but still managed to perform the way he did, although a lot of weight was on his shoulders.

Where’s the best place in the world you have played cricket?
DC- Newlands, Cape Town. With the backdrop of Table Mountain and the stadium atmosphere it is definitely one of the greatest grounds in the world.
MP- I have always enjoyed cricket in England. It has something special about it, so the games I have been lucky enough to play in at Lords are probably my choice.

What’s your favourite thing about cricket in Italy?
DC- Passion is a definable trait of Italian cricket. Cricket in Italy is dominated by many different cultures yet we all have one common interest – cricket.
MP- We do not have the luxury of avoiding a lot of traveling to get to games. Most teams outside Copenhagen have to drive for at least an hour to get to the nearest club. This creates a special culture, however, and that is my favourite thing about Danish cricket. We all play because we are extremely passionate about it and because we are happy to spend a lot of time making it happen.

If you had to explain cricket to someone who had never heard of cricket before, what would you say?
DC- I have had this experience when talking to a few locals in Italy. It is so much more than a game with a bat and a ball. Skills, ability and teamwork is imperative to a successful game of cricket.
MP- In Danish schools there's a game called "rundbold" which most Danes know what is. Building on the rules from that I would try and explain the rules.

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