Peter Petricola speaks to us about Italian cricket

Thu, Nov 21, 2013 9:48 AM

Peter Petricola speaks to us about Italian cricket
With rain set in Abu Dhabi and the Italy v Ireland game abandoned ICC Europe spoke to Italy’s Peter Petricola about cricket in Italy and the tournament thus far.

How would you describe the development of cricket in Italy?
Considering the magnitude of soccer in Italy you are always fighting an uphill battle trying to foster a game like cricket. Despite the challenges, cricket is widely known and as of the past couple of years, has been covered in television news reports and also the biggest national sports newspaper in Italy. The club competition is thriving and now with the Vatican starting a cricket club, exposure has grown even more. It's a very exciting time to be involved with Italian cricket.

Do you get involved with any cricket programmes in Italy?
During my stints in Italy I have always been involved in coaching players at club level and also implementing coaching programs in schools to introduce the game and raise the awareness of the game to local Italians. The school programs are occasionally introduced through the school English language programme and that seems to be a good way to get a foreign game into the school curriculum!

What do you look forward to most about a tournament like the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier?
The ICC events are always extremely well organised and they give the amateur teams like Italy the opportunity for the players to fully immerse themselves into cricket for the period of the tournament. For an amateur cricket snuff like myself, it is awesome to dive head first into preparing for and playing in these matches. I always look forward to the celebrations if we get to knock one of the big teams over! (by big teams, I mean anyone else in the tournament!)

What are your hobbies outside of cricket?
I like to read books by/about interesting people. I am currently reading about Slash from the band Guns n' Roses which is a good read. I have also just started learning the piano which will keep me busy during this winter!

Obviously, qualifying would be extraordinary, but putting in some good performances is equally as important?
It goes without saying that qualifying through this tournament would be one of the biggest thrills of a lifetime. For the chance to test your wares against the best in the world is a feeling that we desire when we put so much hard work and dedication towards something. It would be a fantastic reward for the lifetime of commitment we have applied to cricket for our short lives thus far. My favourite quote in Italian literature goes.... "Di Doman Non Ve Certezza" - Lorenzo Di Medici circa. 1460 - translates to 'Of Tomorrow There Is No Certainty'. Hopefully we can pull off something special in the UAE.

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