Italy, Guernsey and France focussed on victory in Jersey

Tue, May 5, 2015 4:30 PM

Italy, Guernsey and France focussed on victory in Jersey
Pepsi ICC Europe Division 1 will see six Associate teams locking horns in Jersey and Italy's Damian Crowley, Guernsey's Jamie Nussbaumer and France's Arunkumar Ayyavooraju are excited for the tournament to begin.

During the five-day tournament that commences on 9 May, Denmark, France, Guernsey, Italy, Jersey and Norway will compete for the opportunity to progress to the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier which will be hosted in Ireland and Scotland in July 2015.

Italy's Damian Crowley is looking forward to return to Jersey: "Participating in any ICC event representing your country is an honour. Returning to this tournament, knowing what's at stake, is a daunting yet exciting task. In the past we have played good cricket in these tournaments so we are hoping to continue to do so. We have fond memories of playing in Jersey and we look forward to a challenging and highly competitive tournament," said Crowley.

The Italians will be taking part in a training camp in the UK a few days ahead of the tournament."There is a lot of pressure since we have competed in the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifiers before, we understand what it takes to succeed and so we are able to prepare our game plans around this understanding. We have maintained our core squad players so our team has a large amount of experienced players, we need to remain focused and approach each game with the same level of intensity," stated Crowley.

Guernsey captain James Nussbaumer is looking forward to see the development of his squad: "Players have the freedom to just go out and express themselves and it often results in great games of cricket. I'm looking forward to seeing how far our young squad has come in the last couple of years, every game that we get to pull on the Guernsey shirt is an important game, and even more so when it is in an ICC tournament," said Nussbaumer.

Guernsey have been preparing for the tournament with three T20 fixtures against the Sussex Academy and a Sussex League representative, and are confident for a good tournament. "If we could come away from the tournament with 4 wins from 5 then I think we would have had a very good tournament, our target would be beat one of the big boys in Italy or Denmark," said Nussbaumer.

France's Arunkumar Ayyavaooraju is excited to face the European teams in the competition, "We are very proud to be part of the Pepsi ICC Europe Division 1. We have improved a lot as a team in the last few years; it will be a good opportunity for us to compete against the top teams in Europe."

The French have been preparing against local club sides in Belgium and spent a week in the Netherlands as part of its build up. "This is an important tournament for us; we have been working with our new coach Tim De Leede and formed a talented group of players. We have a good team, if we can adapt to the conditions and play our best cricket, I am sure we will surprise few teams in this tournament," said Ayyavaooraju.

The opening day of the tournament will see Norway take on Jersey at Farmers, Denmark lock horns with Guernsey at Grainville, and Italy face France at FB Fields.

The tournament schedule is:

9 May AM - Norway v Jersey (Farmers), Denmark v Guernsey (Grainville), Italy v France (FB Fields)
9 May PM - Italy v Jersey (Farmers) Guernsey v Norway (Grainville), France v Denmark (FB Fields)
10 May - Rest/reserve day
11 May AM - Italy v Norway (Farmers), Denmark v Jersey (Grainville), France v Guernsey (FB Fields)
11 May PM - Italy v Guernsey (Farmers), France v Jersey (Grainville), Norway v Denmark (FB Fields)
12 May - Rest/reserve day
13 May AM - Jersey v Guernsey (Farmers), Italy v Denmark (Grainville), Norway v France (FB Fields)
13 May PM - Reserve session

All AM matches are scheduled to start at 1030 local time
All PM matches are scheduled to start at 1530 local time


Denmark- Michael Pedersen (captain), Aftab Ahmed, Saif Ali Ahmad, Mads Henriksen, Yasir Iqbal, Raja Basit Javed, Zahmeer Khan, Frederik Klokker, Amjad Khan, Kamran Tariq Mahmood, Zishan Mazhar Shah, Hamid Shah, Syed Bashir Shah, Anique Uddin

France- Arunkumar Ayyavooraju (captain), Zika Ali, Waseem Bhatti, Chetan Chauhan, Rameez Ehsan, Usman Khan, Thomas Liddiard, , Robin Murphy, Hamza Niaz, Kismatullah Surate, Williamdeep Singh, Sendhil Tambidoure, Komalan Thavalingam, Zain Zahi

Guernsey- James Nussbaumer (captain), Alex Bushell, Joshua Butler, Isaac Damarell, Max Ellis, Benjamin (Lee) Ferbrache, David Hooper, Thomas Kimber, Jordon Martel, Jason Martin, Oliver Newey, Oliver Nightingale, Timothy Ravenscroft, Matthew Stokes

Italy- Damian Crowley (captain), Roshendra Suroshan Abewickrama, Dilan Shameera Fernando Arsakulasuriya, Luis Di Giglio, Muthunama Gonnage Shehan Madup Fernando, Warnakulasuriya Tharindu Nimantha Fernando, Fida Hussain, Dinidu Asanka Marage,
Andrew Northcote, Bentota Baduge Joy Lenin Perera, Peter Anthony Petricola, Michael Gino Raso, Carl Stephen Sandri, Rizwan Tanweer

Jersey- Peter Gough (captain), Corey Bisson, Dominic Blampied, Cornelis Bodenstein, Edward John Farley, Anthony Wilfred Hawkins-Kay, Jonty Jenner, Ben Kynman, Thomas Minty, Charles Perchard, Rhys Palmer, Benjamin Rive, Benjamin Stevens, Nathaniel Watkins
Norway- Ali Sufyan Saleem (captain), Shahid Ahmad, Sheheryar Akbar, Muhammad Shahbaz Butt, Damon Crawford, Safir Hayat, Suhail Iftikhar, Ansar Iqbal, Shehraz Khalid, Mofassar Saeed, Ali Tafseer, Pratheesh Kumar Thangavadivel, Ehtsham Ul-Haq, Shahzad Umran

Match officials
ICC Regional Referee David Jukes will be the referee for the tournament.
The appointed umpires have been selected from the ICC Regional Associate & Affiliate Umpire Panel ? Europe:

Ian Ramage- Mentor Umpire (Scotland)
Azam Baig (Ireland)
Ashraf Din (Netherlands)
Alex Dowdalls (Scotland),
Martin Gray (Guernsey)
Allan Haggo (Scotland)
Jesper Jensen (Denmark)
Heath Kearns (Jersey)
Alan Neill (Ireland)

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